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Guinness - el sato puertoriqeño

When we first moved to Puerto Rico in 2009, Danielle was working from the apartment in Isla Verde.  Her previous doggie had unfortunately passed away a few months before we went down, so she had only Alice, the cat I had had for about 7 years, to keep her company.  I love cats, but any bona fide dog person, like Danielle, will tell you they're no substitute for dog-like companionship.  

We found ourselves driving to Guaynabo to find the ASPCA to adopt a dog.  There were no extremely little, overly cute puppies there - but a group of decently behaved and very clean 3 month to several year old dogs, mostly "satos", what Puerto Rican natives call mutts.  

Guinness was one of them, cute, but extremely hyper and wiry.  I like quiet and calm.  We took him home.  

He was, by far, the fastest, most agile, insane dogs at any of the dog parks we took him too.  If there was a larger dog that was at risk of being aggressive, we never had to worry because Guinness had Flash Gordon like speed - was Flash Gordon known for speed?  

Now Guinness is an established part of our family in Brooklyn, he antagonizes Alice until she punches him in the face and lives for basking in the 90 degree heat on our back deck in August - reminds him of his home island.