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My wife and I have been increasingly interested in the reclaimed wood look - like that of a restored barn or a rustic cottage.  We're about to re-do our kitchen in that design, and I don't have the skills to do any part of that, other than possibly doing the subway tile backsplash we have planned.  

However, in our living room area I've liked the idea of a reclaimed wood feature wall.  Of course, I have no before shots, but the after one shows the final product, complete with the beer I had poured (Left Hand Milk Stout - great stuff) to celebrate the success.  

I sourced 10" wide knotty pine boards from a lumber yard near me in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  Thankfully the guy there informed me that I can't get pine wet, otherwise it could warp and twist very easily.  I got them home mostly dry then proceeded to screw a series of holder/frame boards into the metal studs in the wall using fine threaded sheetrock screws - worked like a charm.  Then it was a matter of cutting the boards into irregular lengths using a circular saw - thus the imperfect cut lines, which I was ok with.  After 10 minutes of hammering in 1 board I ran and rented a nail gun.  That thing probably saved me 4 hours of banging because I got the entire wall done in 2 hours.  

The next day Danielle and I stained the wall with Rustoleum stain - Grey Driftwood color - very lightly applied and brushed off with a rag immediately.  Total time including shopping for wood, screws, new circular saw and stain - 9 hours.  

Final product, post stain and picture mount - beer ready to go.  

Final product, post stain and picture mount - beer ready to go.