Thomas James Kelly

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The Building Begins

We worked with a local builder in Rincon who had relocated from Florida many years ago.  He was fair and reasonable and easy to communicate with.  We knew we wanted a simple layout - an open floor plan upstairs with a wide staircase leading downstairs to 2 bedrooms.  2 beds / 2 baths and a killer view of a jungle valley and the sea.  We were on the way to doing this all for $150,000, plus the land.  We overpaid for the land - $115,000 for a plot that we should have paid about $87,000 - $90,000 for - this was my first lesson and should be a lesson for you.  Never, ever bid more than 50% of the asking price for any land or house in Puerto Rico.  Maybe, if it fits your plan, go up to 70% of ask.  

The plans were drafted - the ground was broke.