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Should we invest in Rincon?

The days after our first trip to Rincon the romance of the place set in.  It was only 2 hours from San Juan but it felt like it was a different island.  It was quiet and clean and not overly developed.  There were elements of mainland US like a small natural food store and a couple of cafes - after all, we were from Brooklyn - we needed some civilization!  

Even though we had bought a small condo in Brooklyn 6 months before we moved down to Puerto Rico (it was before we knew we were coming), we had some money left over in the bank.  Our next trip to Rincon was partly to surf and also party to explore possible investments - a small casita we could use on weekends, or a large one we could turn into a rental property.  Land?  Who knew - but I did begin to see the investment idea begin to take shape - and possibly provide us with the longer term income we might need should we decide to stay here permanently.  

The Suites at 413, above, (413 is "The Road To Happiness") was for sale when we visited it for over $500,000.  That's very expensive for Puerto Rico but it's a nice place and has 4 separate guest rooms and a dipping pool.  One smart move I actually made was to suggest to Danielle that we stay there for a Saturday/Sunday to see what it was like for more than a 30 minute realty visit.  Thank GOD we did!  

Roosters are prevalent in Puerto Rico - almost like the national animal, and their roots run deep in what was largely an agrarian culture up until 40 years ago.  Native Puerto Ricans breed them for eggs and meat and sometimes they fight them.  Interestingly, probably the most culturally cacaphonous thing in Puerto Rico is a small arena in Isla Verde, 5 minutes from the airport in San Juan with a large sign, "Cockfighting" across the front.  

After a nice day surfing and then wading in the small pool at Suites at 413 , we watched a few innings of a Mets game, had a drink then went to bed.  About 1:00AM I was woken up by roosters.  It's true, they don't just make that god awful sound at sunrise - it started at 1:00 and continued through the entire night.  There was a not very small rooster farm over the wall of the Suites property and down the hill - immediately below the bedroom in which we were sleeping.  If we were to invest in a Rincon property, Suites at 413 would not be it!