Thomas James Kelly

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Rincon - Buy or Build?

After the rooster noise debacle at Suites at 413 we looked at 5 or 6 other properties, all of which had 1 - 3 guest apartments we could use to supplement our income.  One of the properties was at Horned Dorset Primavera, an exclusive set of villas outside Rincon to the South where celebrities were common.   

We began to realize that this was an experiment.  We were intent on creating a sustainable existence in Puerto Rico and Rincon seemed the best fit - while keeping our life in San Juan and continuing to bust our butts for our NY digital media companies.  However, the last thing we wanted was another mortgage tied to a property in Rincon - and we also wanted to keep the project small and manageable.  We soon decided that we should buy land.  This route would afford us total say as to what the house looked like but also enabled us to proceed at a speed which never out-paced our money.