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Buying Land in Western Puerto Rico

We saw plots of land which ranged from flat to hillside, sea-level to 300 feet, 1/4 acre to over an acre and which ranged in price from $75,000 to $199,000.  

If we were going to rent the property out we knew it would have to have a view.  Beachfront wasn't super critical given most people who visit Rincon rent cars - and we also didn't want to deal with the flood insurance issues - or the substantially higher price tags.  

Desecheo Island is several miles off the coast of Rincon and it provides an beautiful backdrop over the Mona Straight - the body of water between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic where the southern Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.  You can surf, fish, snorkel, scuba dive and watch migrating whales here - it's gorgeous.  

We found our hillside plot of land in Barrio Pueblo (the part of Rincon closest to the town) up a hill from the main road.   

Now all we needed was an architect, engineer and a builder.  Oh yeah - some more money.