Thomas James Kelly

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When You Live In Paradise, You . . . .

When you live in paradise and still work for a company where most of your colleagues are freezing their asses of 4 months out of the year, you tend to work WAY harder than you normally would.  You overcompensate.  

After our move to San Juan and opening of the Dynamic Logic / Safecount office there, it wasn't long before a small handful of colleagues of mine began complaining that their Project Managers were no longer on site with them in Chicago, San Francisco or even New York.  Yes, we had vetted this idea numerous times and, yes, they were already without them for extended periods of time after departures / resignations - so this was actually an improvement.  At least they had staff ready to work for them - remotely - and at a substantial savings to the company in real estate costs.  

Nonetheless, there are some people who will complain about anything they can if they feel it provides them leverage for lower goals or higher salaries.  This was somewhat anticipated, but when you're in 80 degree, sunny weather most of the time and tremendously enjoying a new cultural experience with your slowly growing family, it becomes un-nerving.  8:30AM - 6:30PM quickly expanded to another 90 minutes online in the morning and then again at night.  That's a 13 hour day - plus usually a few hours on Sunday evening.  It was wonderful, frantic and anxiety ridden.  I was waiting for a call from my boss, the President of the company, saying they were going to close the office - even though there was no indication that would happen.  

Part of the talented original crew on the 4th floor of JWT San Juan 

After establishing a consistent level of training and the core staff I originally hired became better versed in digital media, we hit our stride and soon prided ourselves on quality of output.  The original team, and even the expanded team now (even though I'm gone) have been brilliant performers and are extremely devoted and growth minded executives - I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with.  

But something was still nagging me - I wondered if I could further insulate myself from any possible business variables.  If that call did eventually come, the call to come back to NY - or at least leave Puerto Rico, was there a way we could still live there without ties to my NY based company?