Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

Client Challenge:

Always on browsing and shopping has fundamentally changed the way people buy products. As browsing frequency increases so does brand preference. Many consumers are able to evolve from the start of their active shopping window to actual transaction in at little as 24 hours. As a brand, what are the chances of you successfully targeting them with a call to action ad in that short window? You need to already be established in their brain before this period.


My Contribution:

Data compilation – analysis - narrative builder – presenter
This was another recommendation associated with the AOL One Lab which I co-founded as a side project. Once I established that always on technology was, in fact, a fuel for brand certainty and shorter shopping windows across categories, focus could be shifted on how marketing tactics could keep up with it. I examined our extensive normative database and was able to illustrated that premium formats plus video plus conversion tactics has the greatest impact on purchase intent lifts.  


Why this Issue Is Significant:

This was important for AOL, in particular, because of the bifurcation in our ad platform – having both brand building and programmatic components. If combining both digital marketing disciplines truly has the greatest impact on a brand then education it’s our job to educate clients of that. 

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