Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

Client Challenge:

The AOL advertising landscape is too complex. AOL is “everything and therefore it’s nothing” say some clients and non-clients. I co-founded a side project called AOL One Lab as a consultancy to help clients identify and exploit inefficiencies in AOL’s own advertising platform. This was the first “trade” identified for our client Verizon. 


My Contribution:

Data stitching – analysis - narrative builder – presenter

I examined over 1 billion tracked impressions for super premium units vs standard across AOL properties for 1 year. Calculations were made for cost per interaction and cost per engaged second by unit and it was determined that 5.8M consumer interactions from a larger Portrait unit (Devil) would cost $1M vs only $588k from a slightly smaller 300X600 premium unit (Halo)


Why this Issue Is Significant:

1)   Is your ad sales platform so complex that clients need an internal consultancy to navigate it?

2)   Is your company open enough to allow this type of self-exploration and disruptive internal check and balance?

3)   Performance in a vacuum is of little value to clients. It should be a mandate to illustrate tangible business impact relative to cost outlays – and allow them to capitalize on inefficiencies until you fix those inefficiencies

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