Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

Party At The Park

Growing up in the suburbs you develop a very keen sense of recreational space.  It's a given.  So much so that "recreational space" is the last thing you think of when you see a large field.  You simply think, "soccer, baseball, lacrosse, golf, picnic, bbq, outing, field day, football".  In Brooklyn, you have to actively search out these spaces, then decide if it's worth it to share that space with other parties, sometimes many.    

That's why it's so noticeable when you feel unencumbered and free to roam and play in a park space in Brooklyn, or anywhere in New York City.  Brooklyn Bridge Park has begun to give me that suburban space feel, however.  Even though it's long and thin, it's massive.  Is has beach volleyball courts,  a small water park, swings and slides, a couple of large lacrosse/soccer fields, running and biking tracks, 2 ferry stops and brand new picnic benches with bbq grills - all overlooking one of the most dramatic urban backdrops in the world.  When a group of little girls and boys can sing happy birthday and eat cake and laugh hysterically, it seals the deal.   

How to pick your child's name

Driving down Highway 22 through San Juan, Puerto Rico on our way to the Sizzler buffet (yup!) and Danielle and I got to talking baby names.  We still had about 3 months before the little girl was born and a few name candidates were being bounced around:  Hannah, Josey, Otys, Rhiannon, Shiloh, Vela . . .  

What comes on the radio but Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam's "Lost In Emotion" where the main chorus goes, "Que Sera Que Sera".  Who doesn't love 80s music, much less 80's freestyle.  Growing up, my grossly un-sophisticated mind naively thought it was a song about some girl named Quesara.  10 minutes of Danielle laughing later, and I understood it was Lisa Lisa's version of the French saying, "Que sera sera - what will be will be".  

I asked, why don't we name her Quesara?  It's pretty, it's unique, it's tied to our favorite music era and Lisa Lisa has strong Puerto Rican roots.  So Quesara became Cassaera and 3 months later out came the girl to match it.