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Gilgo Dawn Patrol Sept, 2014

I've developed into less of an SUV fan over the years but when you can drive one right onto the beach with kids and gear life is good.  Brother in law has a permit for Gilgo Beach and this late September day was 82 degrees and windless.  

Surfing minimalism

Sure they go together!  For years I'd decide early each April if it was going to be a Golf Summer or a Surfing Summer.  Golf is an amazing sport and activity, as well as very challenging.  But you need clubs, tees, balls, a reserved tee time and typically at least $75 for one round.    

For surfing you need a surfboard, some wax and sometimes a wetsuit.  No reservations, no money.  Just small swell and light offshore winds.   

Here's some images that capture surfing and minimalism courtesy of Surfline:

Long Beach June, 2013

Double shin high waves, slight West winds, 2nd session of the year for The Sucka Surf Club.  If you look closely you might be able to see a band on my right arm.  My brother in law, Steve, brought a video camera and tripod which followed the sensor on my arm - hilarious.  Instead of asking your girlfriend or wife to sit on the beach and record for 55 minutes as you miss waves, sit and wait and paddle, technology has saved countless relationships.