Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

Client Challenge:

How much brand integration is too much when it comes to content marketing? Is it possible to erode trust? What tools can we use to understand if we’ve really nailed the client goal in striking an emotional connection with their audience?


My Contribution:

Established a normative database focused on the performance of native and branded content across AOL and Huffington Post. To the brand lift data associated with over 80 campaigns I then added the content analytics details such as engaged time, social actions, PVs, UVs, video views ,video completion rate etc. 


Why this Issue Is Significant:

With petabytes of intermediate level metrics of convenience, very little of this is actually tied to tangible business KPIs like sales or brand lift. This is one of the only databases in the industry focused on normative content performance with both mid-term and end KPIs. 

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