Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

Make Your Own Space

One night this past week I decided to change the layout and design of my personal site, this site.  This would have normally taken a couple of days at the very least - and only if I was a seasoned web designer.  I did it in 3 hours.  New layout, style, font, imagery - much more dramatic now.  

How was this possible?  Squarespace.  Their UI is so simple but also powerful and their Help index is both clear and robust - it's well worth the $8 I pay per month to access this platform.  Check out the old and the new - which do you like better?   

When Your Company Gets Too Big . . . .

Anomaly, a different kind of downtown agency, got too big.  So Duncan Bird, a co-founder, launched a carbon copy of Anomaly called, yup, Another Anomaly.  But, while the new agency will share certain elements of business infrastructure, such as financial reporting, IT support, etc, it remains legally separate from its sister company. The set-up is an innovative solution to a problem that big corporations have wrestled with since time immemoriam. Namely. What to do when you get too big? And how to avoid being a victim of your own success?

As Bird puts it, "When companies get to a certain size, despite everyone's best interests and ambitions, they lose their clarity of vision and culture." He reckons the ideal employee number is somewhere between 60 and 100. Given that Anomaly already has 80-90 staff members, the only solution was, essentially, to start again. "An uber company loses its clarity, agility and ingenuity," remarks Bird.