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We won ESOMAR Congress Best Overall Paper!

In a stunning development, I presented a paper at ESOMAR Congress in Nice, France this week that won Best Overall Paper.  ESOMAR Congress is a 3 day conference representing the best of the best of global marketing research so it was an honor to even have our submission accepted.  It was that much more of an honor to actually win the Best Paper designation.  

Before leaving for NIce, my dad asked to read the paper.  I printed it and gave it to him at my niece's 5th birthday, hours before boarding a red-eye to Nice.  I told him to make sure he's near a bed when he reads it as, for non-research people, data and insights canon can quickly induce sleep.  Thankfully, the ESOMAR committee didn't fall asleep during their read of it.  

Click Here For Paper . . . . .

Tableau - 2nd Try

As soon as you get used to Tableau's Dimensions and Measures set up and realize it's just a super powerful, easily publishable, interactive, pivot table & data cross tab engine - you're in good shape.

Here we illustrate 3 year UV growth trends for the top 10 web properties.  NIce to see AOL's trend is UP.