Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

Ad Viewability is to Digital Marketing Success What . . . . . .

Ad Viewability is to digital marketing success what windshield wipers are to making a car run. It has nothing to do with the mechanics of a functioning car - but it has everything to do with getting where you need to go.  

It's critical that digital media and technology groups help  marketers feel confident that they're getting what they pay for. Ad Viewability is 1 component of this value chain.  

However, we need to understand the role Viewability plays among a broad set of analytic signposts. It's also true that in a couple of years this topic will be long forgotten - like many digital marketing topics before it.  

There is a ton of data under each of these tiles - of course much of it is proprietary to AOL so I can't share it here. The most relevant key take-aways are what we really need to know, however, and that's what featured here.