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Tableau - First Try

Where are the largest 100 High Schools in the US?  And is there any correlation between High School sizes and State or City populations?  

This topic has little to do with Digital Advertising and Research other than it's my first foray into Tableau.  Tableau is so easy to use that I was able to put this (very basic) dashboard together in about 2 hours - with no prior Tableau experience.  Easy stuff.  

Of course, the alignment, borders and aspect ratio associated with inserting the HTML code for this Tableau dashboard into my Squarespace blog is another story - need to brush up on my html editing.  Maybe Squarespace views this type of dashboard as a round hole.  haha

I like the way Tableau enables geo-mapping based on about 20 variables from population to income and employment.  Here I overlaid Top 100 High School states with population shading for each state.  So what are our observations around national High School populations?  

- The top 100 largest High Schools are in the most populated states - generally
- The top 100 largest High School are also in the most populated cities
- This is true for every state listed here except for Arizona
- The top 7 largest High Schools in the US are in New York City - and 4 of those are in Brooklyn

Phoenix is the #6 largest city in the US and Tuscon is in the top 30 - why aren't there any High Schools in the top 100 in Arizona?  If we wanted to pursue this we would investigate if there were local policy/governing issues in Arizona around education and school size, or perhaps the population sprawl associated with the counties/towns there which prevent large High Schools.  But why wouldn't that be the base in Texas?  

Next time we'll explore Tableau to analyze actual digital advertising data.