Thomas James Kelly

Thoughts on the chaos of digital marketing and research and NYC bike lanes . . . . .

The Data Poem

Feeling inspired by the harsher than normal winter and thinking about our lives in data, I began writing this on the N train this week - finished on my couch that night.  

It's cold they say - the trains won't run

The road is closed, winter's not done

The storm prevents our scheduled meets

The ice falls from the new tower in sheets


But the data's there, not warm not cold

And there it remains, always new, always old

For data's an always, a constant, a thing

When the storm turns quiet the data still sing


The snow will soon fade, then warm then hot

The earth it rotates, the data same spot

For data's for us, a friend we rely

The coldness is transient, soon gone with a sigh


'Gainst the chill we near fire, an ephemeral rest

While the data, cold blooded, awaits in our vest    

Tis our shiver our chatter our squinting our sweat  

It rights us, it guides us, our ambitions it lets    


For data's an always a constant our thing

Zen is it's being, no opinion it bring

No owner, no haver, but access we do

Honest and harsh, our stories made true


- t. james kelly (my new pen name)