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Youth - wasted on the young

Was it Mark Twain who said, "Youth . . . .  too bad it's wasted on the young".  

For sure, much has been written about probably the most broad identifiable pocket of youth - millennials.  AOL did a great job capturing how boredom is pervasive among this demographic as well as how they solve for it.  Those findings are here:


Like many in the data world like to do, I enjoy exploring disparate data sources to see if there's corroboration - validation.  So I asked, "are millennials really that bored?  If so, how bored are they?  How does that compare to other age groups"?     

Well, compared to GenX, they're twice as bored.  And compared to Boomers, they're 4 times as bored.  So what?  This further supports an earlier post about us being in an Attention Economy.  It also supports the strategy of relying on technology as entertainment and a cure for this boredom.  Smart brands will be sure their messages are nested in those technologies.