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Thoughts on traffic violence

In 2013 a horrible case of criminally negligent homicide took place in Queens, NY where a . . . I can't even write what happened because it involves a little girl and her grandmother - not unlike my own little girl and mother in law.  Below is a link to the article.

While I've tried to understand how our culture is so blindly forgiving to ultra careless drivers whose negligence results in end of life events for residents of our city (mostly children and elderly), the below comment does a good job of framing the situation logically:  

The way I see it, allowing drivers to turn during the same light phase as crossing pedestrians is either considered safe for a reasonable driver to do, or it isn't.

If it isn't safe for a reasonable driver to do, then it should be immediately banned and pedestrians should have their own light phase.

If it is considered safe, then we should be prosecuting any deaths like this as criminally negligent homicide.

As it stands, our laws are saying it is safe to allow drivers to do this, but saying "woops" when they don't act as we reasonably expected them to do. More worryingly, it's saying that there are "acceptable" road deaths for the sake of the efficient movement of vehicles. Hardly what Vision Zero should be....